"My work focuses on dancers and movement artists, capturing their beautiful feats of athleticism. I prefer black and white photography because it dramatically highlights the physical form. I often include fantasy elements, and feathers, with recurring themes of flight, strength, and surrender"

Ren was the photographer for cocodaco dance project, and the in-house photographer for Foster Dance Studios. She's collaborated with David Maurice, Echo Modern Dance, Evanston Dance Ensemble, Moonwater Dance Project, Purus Motus, Savannah Dunn, and Winifred Hann & Dancers.

Her work has been shown at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, on The Dance Enthusiast, at Take Up Space Dance Festival, Unearth Festival’s Efflorescence and in-person show Regenerate, the Evanston Made Group Show, and Evanston Made Pop-up. Movement artist Mo Naughton as The Dark Angel was included in Filter Photo’s Photo Dock. Her capture of dancer Emily Brand from the Fall Series was reproduced as a painting by artist Michael Goldzweig, and a shot of dancer Amara Barnes was reproduced in a series of sketches by Dutch artist, Hebe Boerhout.