My work focuses on dancers and movement artists, capturing their beautiful feats of athleticism. I prefer black and white photography because it dramatically highlights the physical form. I often include fantasy elements, and feathers, with recurring themes of flight, strength, and surrender.

I was the photographer for cocodaco dance project, the in-house photographer for Foster Dance Studios, and has collaborated with Echo Modern Dance, Evanston Dance Ensemble, Moonwater Dance Project, Purus Motus, Miakoda Ethical Fashion, Savannah Dunn, and Winifred Hann & Dancers.

My work has been shown at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, on The Dance Enthusiast, at Take Up Space Dance Festival, Unearth Festival’s Efflorescence and in-person show Regenerate, the Evanston Made Group Show, and recently my shot of movement artist Mo Naughton as The Dark Angel was included in Filter Photo’s Photo Dock. My capture of dancer Emily Brand from my Fall Series was reproduced as a painting by artist Michael Goldzweig, and a shot of dancer Amara Barnes was reproduced in a series of sketches by Dutch artist, Hebe Boerhout.